light-and-hands.jpg All of our emotions are created by our inner dialog. Emotions like jealousy, judgment and fear never create joyous outcomes. So why do we choose them?

Generally we choose those emotions because ‘we would rather be right than happy.’ When I talk to people about the concept their next question generally is, “What can’t I be both happy and right?”

The desire to be right causes more misery in life than you can possibly imagine.  It blinds us to numerous possibilities and usually precludes us from being happy.

What if for a week you chose being happy instead of right? What different choices would you make? It would allow you to see life through the eyes of love instead of judgment and fear.

Choosing happy can become a habit, a habit that will vastly improve the quality of your life.

I’d love to hear about your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Next time you find yourself arguing to be right notice how you feel and the results that need creates in your life.

As always comment away below!

With love and aloha,