rocks-with-words_thumbI’ve been getting an internal niggle about organizing a moment of mindfulness and prayer.

I remember when I moved to San Diego there was a world peace meditation. I went to a hotel downtown expecting there would be handful a people. The entire ballroom was full!

We sat in silence, left in silence and later that year the Berlin Wall fell. Coincidence? I think not.

What if on the solstice this year we just had a moment of silence, a prayer for love, not an outcome but we just sent wings of love around the world?

Like to join me??

So at sunset your time, let’s join our energies and launch LOVE into the new year. I suggest each of us take a moment to take a deep breath, connect with love and say a silent prayer or chant or sing nd dance. With love anything is possible and let’s make 2021 GREAT!!!

Please send this message to anyone you know. Invite everyone. The more the merrier!!

This Solstice in special, the Christmas star will be visible for the first time in hundreds of years, let’s tap in to the magic and spread the love.

With love and aloha,