unlovedWhen we feel unloved we lock ourselves in a prison and it feels like there is no way out.

One of my posts, that continues to get comments years later is about feeling unloved. So many of the comments are from people that believe, really believe they aren’t loved. When I reply to their comment suggesting they step out of that prison I get comments that you just don’t understand. Ah, but I do all too well.

The universe is composed of energy. To that most of us can agree. That energy has consciousness, it is the energy that creates universes, it is aware  and it is pure, unconditional love. It knows only love. Not the emotional love of humans that is totally conditional. I will love you as long as you do this but if you do that I will no longer love you, I may even hate you to the end of time.

The love that creates the universe is expansive, unconditional, totally free of judgment and full of laughter and joy. That is why I always say we swim in a sea of love. You are cradled in this energy of creation, in this crucible of love and yet so often we cut ourselves off from that love.

So in this moment allow yourself to feel that love and share it! This week I am teaching classes in Lithuania over Skype. It has been so much fun, almost like being there in person.

I love to give hugs, smile and simply love people. People always tell me they feel loved when I hug them so …. imagine yourself getting a BIG BIG hug and let the love in. You do swim in a sea of love so allow yourself to feel that.

You are loved!!!!

With love and aloha,

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PPS Next week I am going to be opening up my Sunday class and my coaching programs for the first time in years.

PPPS Love to see your comments, thoughts, questions and comments in the comment section.