I was talking to a minister the other day about a woman who had come to him for help. She was having trouble with one of her children and she thought the child had been possessed by an evil spirit. Over the years I have had many people believe that they were influenced by the negativity that surrounds them and a few that really believed they were possessed.

All emotions, each and every single emotion and our reactions based on them are created by what we tell ourselves and not the events themselves. The funny thing about our resistance to taking responsibility for our own emotional reactions to life is that our resistance is really based on our inability to experience our absolute perfection.

It seems so much easier to blame something or someone than look within and take full responsibility for all of our emotions but when we know we are perfect, facing our inner demons becomes so much easier. It is much easier for a a horse to pull a wagon than push one.

I find when we first focus on loving ourselves unconditionally, taking responsibility for our emotions become so much easier. That woman doubted her abilities as a mother and didn’t really love and honor herself so it was easier for her to believe her child’s emotional problems were due to a malignant spirit.

Gift yourself an incredible gift. Spend sometime each day focusing on your perfection and see what happens.

With love and aloha,