actionvance-726231-unsplashTis the season of bright lights and Christmas music. I could do without the music after the first week or two but is does remind me of what the season can be all about. In a word love.

When I was all alone, after my mom’s death the holidays were a time of great suffering. Actually Christmas was a bit rocky for many years. When I was a senior in high school, the day after Christmas our house had burned to the ground. We lost everything and the house wasn’t insured.

But then

Then I learned to love myself. The next Christmas I went out, bought myself some gifts, wrapped them, cooked myself a nice meal and had a great time. I still didn’t have a family but I let love fill my mind and my heart.

Broadly we have two choices, love or fear. When we choose fear we create misery for ourselves and we attract events that give us the excuse to be miserable.

A question I often ask myself is: Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy? These days happy almost always wins. Sometimes I still want to be right but I give it up pretty quickly.

So let the love flow

The quality of your life is dependent the stories you tell yourself (and the questions you ask yourself).

You are a spark of divinity. You are star dust. You are pure, unconditional, limitless love. So are the people that seemingly hurt you, left you or abused you. Their actions indicate they weren’t connected to their divinity at the moment but judging them disconnects your from your divinity.

So again the question is: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

What if?

The whole world decided to be happy instead of right??? I still remember the Coke ad about the world singing in perfect harmony. What happened to that kinder gentler world we were creating back in the 70’s???

Well we can create one right now, by choosing love, thought by thought, action by action consciously. Forgive, let go and love!

More about forgiveness next time. As always I love to read your thoughts, feelings and words in the comment section below.

With love just oozing all over my life,

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