I ran across this post today. It is from 2016. As I read it it seemed very timely. I thought of what is going on in the world today, still lots of violence and events I could easily judge.

So I invite you to join the love revolution – let’s give love a chance, an oldie thought (saying) but a goodie!

You are not your body

You are not your body, you are the energy that gives life to your body. Your body is your vehicle.

We are meant to use that vehicle to enjoy this beautiful planet while still experiencing our oneness. Judgment, fear, anger, hopelessness, depression and the desire to be right cut us off from the love that is our basic nature.

When we are cut off from that love we can do unspeakable acts. I believe it is our job to bring love to those acts. If we judge the terrorists we just deepen the divide.  We become an emotional terrorist.

Imagine what love can do

Imagine thousands and thousands of people consciously choosing to send love to all the terrorist, rapist and murderers.

Right now the media and society has created an environment of fear, judgment and hate which only deepens the divide. That division strengthens ideologies that are fear based, feed hate, where strapping a bomb on and blow others up makes sense.

Once again no matter what the question love is the answer. Many people choose to avoid watching or reading the news because they find it upsetting. I have an invitation.

A powerful, world changing invitation

For the next month I invite you to watch the news at least once a day and consciously let go of any feelings other than love as you watch. Allow the judgment and fear rise to the surface, consciously choose to let them go and then feel love. Love for yourself and then love for the people in the news.

Fill yourself with love, feel it erasing anything unlike itself and then again focus on love. Imagine that love all around you like a beautiful cloud and then see that cloud of love expand to surround the entire world.

Do this exercise often through out the day. Invite others to join you. Let’s start a love revolution. Let’s bomb the world with love.

I have no idea how many people belong to ISIS or believe in its ideology but imagine an equal number of people sending love to them and all the fear based people out there. What a different world this would be.

Take the love pledge:

I pledge to love everything equally and practice sending love until that is second nature for me. I will consciously send love to all beings and will fill my heart and my mind with love.

Please invite all your friends. The more of us releasing judgment and sending love the more love will be set free to work its magic!

With love and aloha,