This morning I woke up and I was feeling grumpy. I miss my beloved Pearl. When I wake up her wiggling butt isn’t there saying good morning.

My day wouldn’t have been pretty if I stayed grumpy. I got up, looked out the window and there was a beautiful rainbow, right over Pearl’s grave. I hurried out to take a picture and by the time I was done I my mood was much improved.

I could have circled back around to grumpy but I didn’t. I meditated and let go of what was. I thought I’d share this short meditation with you. 2020 is definitely a year many would like to forget and so far it looks like 2021 might be filled with speed bumps too.

This simple meditation will help you let go and begin creating more of what you do want. Let’s fill this year with happiness, love and laughter.

Take a few minutes and breathe mindfully with me. You have to breathe anyway so why not us it to feel happier, more joyous and free.


With love and aloha from Pearl and I,