Mountain tunnel

The question is:

How long will it take you to get to that instant?

Change can occur in this moment. It really can happen right now.

The problem is we listen to all the habitual excuses that live in our mind because they are familiar. When I was finally honest with myself I had to admit I was a master at arguing for my limitations. Then I went onto to master loving myself. I dusted off my magic wand, clicked my ruby red slippers and fully embraced my goddess self.

You are star dust.
You are limitless.
Happiness, joy and abundance is your birthright

You deserve to be happy RIGHT NOW

Isn’t it time to stop playing small in your life and really let your light shine?

What excuses do you use to stay stuck, to make change hard, to stop yourself from being the amazing, magical, limitless person you were always meant to be?

I have conversations with people all the time. I listen to them putting off that moment … the moment their lives could change profoundly. I remember the moment I decided enough was enough and I became willing to do whatever it took to be free.

A few suggestions:

Decide what you really want, in your heart of hearts. Not what you believe is possible but what you really want ….

Create a morning routine and do it! One that will help you connect with your innate inner wisdom.

Remember life is a gift that flows through you – it doesn’t happen to you

I got a mentor, someone who had walked this path before me and took all the actions that were suggested to me. So create a morning routine, decide what you want and embrace all of life as a gift. Begin to ask yourself questions that will help set you free.

Are you ready? I do have a few spots available in my coaching/mentoring program.

Want to have a chat and see if we are a good fit. Isn’t it time you begin moving toward that moment when everything changes?

With love and aloha,

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