Before I seriously began exploring spirituality I remembering wishing I had a magic tape recorder. I wanted a tape recorder that would loudly replay whatever I said to myself that I would later regret not listening to or acting upon. Of course now I realize I was simply lamenting not listening to my inner wisdom.

I learned to listen to that inner voice by not listening and seeing how time and time again I was very unhappy with the results when I didn’t. It would have been easier emotionally, physically and spiritually to consciously decide to develop my connection with that wisdom.

People often ask me how they can develop that connection and how to tell the difference between their mind and their spirit. Developing discernment is a wonderful journey and such a gift. It can also be difficult and frustrating if we fail to be gentle, loving and patient with ourselves as we learn.

Listening to our inner wisdom or hearing the quiet whispers of our spirit is much like learning a new language. Unless we learn the vocabulary, the grammar and the syntax of the new language we won’t be able to speak it.

The language of our filter system is fear based. Our filter system is raucous, loud and demanding. Listening to it will often cause a feeling of confusion and our filter system will do a sales pitch on why we should listen to it.

Our spirit uses the language of love. It is soft spoken, gentle and kind. It will only make suggestions, never demands. Following those suggestions will take us to new and unfamiliar territory so we may experience fear of the unknown, but following that inner wisdom always leads to a greater sense of freedom and joy eventually.

It is our choice, moment by moment which voice we listen to. Be gentle and loving with yourself as you develop discernment and when faced with a choice move toward love and away from your self imposed limitations.

With love,

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