Are they gifts that are long overdue in your life?

Dollarphotoclub_62334764At the beginning of the year we often make new year resolutions and by February they have faded into the distant past. I’d like to help you make this the year you finally allow yourself the gift of consciously creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.

My passion is helping people transform their lives and watching the magic occur. Lately I have been reading a lot of novels about magic. One of my favorite TV shows used to be Charmed, a story about three sister witches. I finally realized my fascination with magic is because I know magic is possible and can become and every day occurrence when we change our minds consciously choose to allow it into our lives.

How do we do that?

A few observations I’ve had about life ….

  • magic happens when we are aligned with our spirit
  • mediocrity, struggle and life being hard is the result of being aligned with our mind

Our mind was never meant to be in charge of our life. Our mind is an amazing bio-computer. Each piece of information in our brains is stored with an emotional component and an action. When our mind is in charge we seldom if ever experience life directly once we are over the age of 7. Instead something happens, our mind rapidly searches its memory banks and then we experience the event through the filters of that past memory.

I often talk about shifting our point of creation from our mind to our spirit.  Once we align ourselves with our spirit, that energy that gives life to our body, magic and miracles become an every day experience. When I haven’t experienced something miraculous I know I have disconnected from my spirit. I have once again allowed my mind to be in control.

If you aren’t feeling loved . . .

That is a huge tip off that your mind is in charge. When I think of all the years I spent needlessly depressed, feeling alone and generally miserable I have to smile. I didn’t have to spend years struggling or processing the past all I needed to do was switch allegiance.

Change your mind . . .

Simply choose to stay connected to your spirit, to your guardian angel and see what happens. Shift your point of creation from your mind to your spirit. Need some help doing that? Check out my upcoming classes. For once I have groups for the East Coast, West Coast, Europe and Australia!

Have any thoughts or questions share them in the comment section. I’d love to hear from you. I recently had a ‘conversation’ with someone that was convinced feeling loved as a conscious choice was a flaky New Age concept. I know that ‘in the day’ my mind was expert at arguing for my limitations. Do you have any limitations you have been carrying around for a while?

With love and aloha,