Flower from my meditation circle
Sometimes I am amazed at all the permutations our filter system is capable of creating. Ultimately there are only two options are love or fear but our filter system sure can dress fear up so it looks like love.

The other day I was writing a magazine article and mentioned the question: Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? Lately I’ve started getting up around 3AM and meditating. Yesterday morning the stars were shinning brightly and the moon had just risen. I started thinking about that question. A few minutes later the heavens opened up and it started pouring. I have a tin roof and vaulted ceilings so when it rains hard it gets very loud.

The rain started me thinking about the Mitote of the mind as it is referred to in the Toltec tradition. The Mitote refers to all the voices of the market place that distract us from who and what we really are, that symphony of voices that constantly speak to us and obliterates the quiet voice of our spirit. Our filter system fuels the Mitote of our mind and it is a collection of beliefs, agreements and assumptions about life. Often, we have a great deal of energy invested in maintaining our limited worldview. We would rather be right about our old beliefs than happy.

If you want to change the results you are getting in your life you have to make different choices. When I am looking at life through my filter system often times the very choices that would create the results I want aren’t even slightly visible. It helps when I remember my filter system limits my options. It isn’t that my mind or filter system is bad or wrong it is just limited. My mind is an incredible bio-computer and if I ask it questions that are expansive I will see opportunities to make new choices.

The subliminal dialog often goes something like this: “I want that. I couldn’t possible have that, it would take too much work or it would be too hard and besides I don’t deserve it and I am not good enough and . . .” A long time ago I realized consciously choosing to change the dialog was empowering and very freeing.

So now if I want something I immediately ask myself, “What sort of actions would facilitate me creating that? What old beliefs would stop me from creating it and how can I change them to make having it easy? What information or skills do I need? What can I do right now to begin inviting it into my life?”

Noticing my inner dialog and asking myself questions that engage my mind in a creative and expansive manner certainly improves the quality of my life. Instead of saying I can’t, I ask myself questions that illicit how I ‘can do’ this. I have found most of my ‘can’t’ statements are fear based and giving myself permission to have is generally based in love. The more unconditionally I love myself the less likely I am to deprive myself of my dreams. Love or fear, which do I choose?

How can you create the life of your dreams? What are your dreams and are you willing to allow yourself to manifest them?

With lots of aloha, love and passing fears,