Magic and miracles are symptoms of a deepening connection with our spirit. Trauma and drama are an indication we are making our decisions based on our mind. Our minds are a wonderful tool when use properly.

As a child we are often filled with dreams. One week we want to be a fireman and the next week a ballet dancer or forest ranger. Our dreams keep changing, but we dream. What is your greatest dream? When you look back at this lifetime will you be pleased with what you see? Is there anything you might regret not doing? Let yourself dream big and allow yourself to live those dreams. Whatever you can imagine your spirit can imagine something even grander.

How did you stop yourself from having it all? You are a limitless being and yet you experience limitations. Notice how you do that and make a new choice. Observe how you choose. Give yourself permission to see how you stop magic and miracles from becoming every day occurrences

With love, Susan
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