iStock-91415974 As a young girl I had a fascination with Hawaii. Shortly after my mom died I went to Maui for 5 days and stayed a month. I fell in love with Hawaii and knew I wanted to live here.

When I finished my studies with Don Miguel Ruiz I wasn’t sure what I was going to do but I knew where I wanted to live. I was working with a counselor who suggested I put aside at least $2000 to make the move.

It became clear gathering up that money wasn’t going to happen so I had a yard sale, sold everything, payed for my dogs’s quarantine and moved to Hawaii with $800. Not really enough money to start a new life but it worked. It ws my dream and I made it happen.

Have you ever had a dream that really mattered?

So many people tell me they have always wanted to come to Hawaii but . . . The but doesn’t really matter. The ‘but’ is just an excuse, one that stops dreams from coming true.

A life without limits is taking a cup of red dye
and pouring it into the ocean,
and watching the color dilute into nothingness.

Limited focus is putting that same cup of dye
into a gallon of water.”

Leo Babauta

I focused on my dream to live in Hawaii in spite of the reality of what $800 could do. I moved, things were dicey at times but now I own a beautiful home.

So what is your dream and what is your excuse, the one that tells you it is unattainable? Are you ready to give yourself the gift of allowing all of your dreams to come true?

I’d love to read about your dreams in the comment section. Perhaps I can help you make your dreams come true?

It really is simple:

Trust the process
Take inspired actions

You just need to focus

I was lucky I had spent years studying with Don Miguel Ruiz. When I had no idea how I would pay for food, I trusted the process and kept moving forward. Fast forward it worked out wonderfully, scary at times but wonderfully.

With love and aloha,

If you’ve always wanted to come to Hawaii I have retreats – my next one in June.
I work with people one on one to make their dreams come true and I have some openings.