DSC_0330So often I see love used as a noun which in no way really implies a powerful, life changing action.

A noun is a ‘naming’ word while a verb is a ‘doing’ word. That ‘doing’ can be mentally, spiritually, or physical.

When we make love a verb we can really change our life and the people’s lives around us.

So what is the difference?

You can say, “I love you” and take absolutely no action or you can say I love you with your actions. Last week I wrote a post about loving everything equally, including the president elect and a number of people got rather annoyed at the suggestion.

Taking loving actions still means we take actions

When we chose to make choices from a place of love our actions have very different outcomes. I am as environmentally friendly as possible. These days I laugh when I see bumper stickers that say, “Save the Earth” (although many years ago I had one). The earth will be just fine we just might not continue to be the dominant species.

I compost and grow lots of delicious fruits fertilized by my free range chickens because I love doing it. I meditate because I enjoy meditating not because I should or have to in order to be spiritually fit.

My life reflects those love based choices

I eat healthily because that kind of food tasted better. Many years ago I read a book by Thich Nhat Hahn, Peace is Every Step. Before that I HATED washing dishes after I read that book I lovingly washed my dishes because I loved giving my hands a hot soaky, bath and in the process my dishes got clean.

Perspective makes the difference

View the world through the filter of love and see what happens. When you watch the news instead of judging the events simple allow for the possibility that those events and the people involved just need more love.

Write a gratitude list
Commit random acts of kindness (and don’t get caught)
Help a neighbor
Buy food for a homeless person or just take time to talk to them and listen
Looking in the mirror and saying, “I love you”

What loving actions do you do on a daily basis?

I’d love to see this list expand in the comment section.

I’m off to lovingly feed my chickens and I know they will love being feed.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!