IMG_200412 years ago I decided to buy a home. I love mangoes and I managed to buy a beautiful piece of property with half of dozen mature mango trees. I was disappointed when year after year the trees seldom had any mangoes.

One day while I was meditating I realized I had pictured beautiful mango trees but I had never visualized mangoes hanging from the trees. So after that, every morning as I walked my dogs past the trees I imagined fruit hanging from the branches in abundance. As you can see from the picture there are mangoes on my tree this year!

It was interesting to become aware of my mental image, change it on a daily basis and then see the results. We see what we believe and if we don’t believe it we won’t see it.

What do you believe about life? Is it a wonderful adventure full of excitement and fun? Or is life a struggle, full of suffering, lessons and tests?

We can very easily look at our life and see our beliefs in three dimensional, living color. We can use what we see to become aware of our limiting beliefs and change them. We can allow it to be simple and fun or a struggle and hard. I am all for easy and effortless myself.

So what would you like to see more of in your life? Less of? What are you picturing about your life and are you ready to change that?

With love, aloha and mango trees covered with fruit,