By Serena Dyer

serena-and-matt-pisoni-kauai I had always had a strong desire to visit the island of Kauai as I was told as a child that it had magical powers. Growing up spending a chunk of my life on Maui, I felt a particular connection to all of the Hawaiian islands, which is why I decided to get married there on Maui, on July 1, 2014. Shortly after the wedding, my husband and I embarked on a honeymoon that would take us to almost all of the Hawaiian Islands so I could fall even more in love with that tiny island chain that always felt like “home” to me. When we arrived on the island of Kauai and got in the cab to take us to our hotel, I immediately asked the driver if he was from Kauai. To my delight, he was a native of Kauai, born and raised, and very familiar with the ancestry and folklore surrounding the island.

I told him that I had read about a certain waterfall on Kauai that was thought to be the birthplace of all of the Hawaiian Islands and he knew the one I was talking about, but said it would take two weeks to hike to it.

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