The more often we remember our intent the more rapidly we will see its affect in our life. Currently I am teaching in Lithuania. I am talking a great deal about developing practices, spiritual practices and making them part of your life. When I began my spiritual journey I thought in terms of black and white, all or nothing.

I would decide to meditate, journal, do yoga, and recapitulate all before I went to work in the morning. I would quickly get overwhelmed and wind up doing nothing. The easiest way to retrain our thinking and improve our lives is by doing something consistently and finding something you will consistently do!

I have been suggesting a lot of mini practices lately. Something that only takes a few moments, that you can easily do frequently throughout the day.

Here are a few of the mini practices I have suggested:

Set a timer and when it goes off just pause, take a deep breath and remind yourself how wonderful you are.

Whenever you find yourself upset ask yourself:

How could I see this though the eyes of love?
What would love do?
Do I want to be right or happy?

Take long. slow deep breaths frequently and allow yourself to deepen your connection with yourself.

Take a five minute meditation pause.

Whenever you are in the bathroom take a moment to look at yourself and say something loving.

Smile at a stranger.

Help someone in need.

Look at the clouds.

Feel your body.

Pause and remember you are a spiritual being in a wonderful vehicle called your body.

Celebrate and savor the moment.

Make a gratitude list.

Hug yourself.

Maybe use this list as a starting point and add one more thing every week and feel free to share it with everyone in the comment section!

With love and aloha,