Life is such an amazing journey. I returned home to Hawaii the other night. As we were driving home I noticed a moonbow, a rainbow created by the moon. We pulled over and I got out and tried to take a picture. My camera wasn’t able to capture its beauty, but as I stood by the side of the road I watched people racing by and wondered how many of the had actually noticed the moonbow. Most people never see one, even when they are just a glance away. What an incredible experience and a gift seeing a moonbow is!! What else do we miss in life?


While traveling I was intrigued by how differently people reacted to the same situations. One of the flight attendants was quite stressed, trying to control things while the other attendant was very relaxed, just doing her job and seemed to be enjoying herself. Our plane was late arriving in Denver and many people were worried about making their connections. There wasn’t a gate available when we arrived so we had to sit on the runway waiting for one.

When we deplaned there was a small sign pasted to the departure monitors saying the gate assignments were probably not accurate. I stood there and laughed. One man was very upset while another just smiled at me and said, “They aren’t making this easy for us are they?” I got on my flight to Hawaii a few minutes before they closed the doors.

I had just spent the last week setting up hospice care for my dad. I met such amazingly wonderful people. I feel very good about the whole process and was actually relieved to have such wonderful people caring for my dad. I can focus on that or worry about __________ just fill in the blank!

I was reminded one more time that whatever we focus our attention on we get more of. I can focus on the magic and miracles in my life or the task of taking care of a father with Alzheimer’s who is unwilling to admit he needs help.

I spent a few hours with one of my readers the other day and as we walked out to the black sand beach I saw a beautiful rainbow. He thanked me for pointing it out to him. The way he was sitting he might never have seen it otherwise. We can focus on the perfection of each moment or get upset about what ever is happening in the moment.

The more I focus on the miracles in my life the more miracles there are to focus on. The fact that you can read this blog is a miracle. Why not make a list of all the miracles in your life? When I drink a cup of coffee I often think of the person that discovered how to roast coffee beans, the farmer who grew it, the person who harvested it, the people that transported it, the buyers, the land, the moon, the stars, the sun, the rain and . . . I think you get the idea. When I look around my home I see millions of miracles and the result of hundreds of ideas made manifest.

We are always either sending love or fear out into our world. When I am focused on the miracles love emanates from me. What would you like to have more of in your life? Miracles or stress? Joy or anger? Love or fear? Whatever you focus your attention on, you get more of so my suggestion is to make the choice to focus on the magic and wonder of the universe.

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. Just for today I choose to fill my story with moonbows and magic and miracles. I hope you do too!

With lots of magic, miracles and gratitude,

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