How many times a day do you walk by a mirror? When you look at yourself do you observe what’s wrong with you or do you acknowledge how awesome you are?

One of the most powerful spiritual tools I’ve ever found is a mirror. Connecting with our limitless self is really a matter of connecting with love, pure unconditional love.

Almost all spiritual teachings are about love. Once you connect with that love, that energy of creation anything is possible.

So what does a mirror have to do with that you ask? This is an experiential experience, so by all means read about it but then DO IT.

Stand in front of a mirror, looking directly into your left eye, think of something that elicits a feeling of love (a sunrise, a lover, a puppy, kitten or hot fudge sundae, anything), get in touch with that feeling of love and then say to yourself, “I love you.”

The first time I did that and meant it I cried. I felt loved, really loved and accepted. Before that I would look in the mirror with judgment and if I did talk to myself it was never with kindness or love.

Loving yourself will totally change your choices, your life and the outcomes you get in your life. Try it, you’ll like it.

Look in the mirror often , tell yourself loving things and see what happens. When I work with someone I have them work with the mirror at least twice a day. It is transformative.

With love laughter, joy and aloha,

As always love to read your comments, try it and tell me about your results or your resistance. Let’s chat in the comment section.