Monthly Guided Meditation Series

I love guided meditations. I wrote a book about guided meditations and I had a blast writing the book. The feedback I have received has been heartwarming to say the least. And the one request I get over and over again is: Can you please make audio reversions of the meditations. I can’t make audios of the ones in the book but I can make other meditations.

Each month you will get at least two new guided meditations and occasionally I will add a video to the page. I love questions so you can email me with suggestions and questions. All you’ll have to do is hit reply to the email that delivers your meditations.

I have been teaching meditation for over 25 years so you will have your own personal meditation coach at your disposal. You can stay for as long as you want and you can stop your subscription whenever you want too.

I hope you will give yourself the gift of monthly meditations.

The first month you will get

  • An Introduction to Guided Meditations – a short how to
  • Deep Relaxation Meditation
  • Meeting Your Future Self

Month 2:

  • Expanding the Love
  • Connecting with Your Limitless Being

Month 3

  • You will get your Very Own Fairy Godmother
  • Connecting With Ancient Wisdoms

All this and me for only 12.95 a month!