Speaking words of wisdom, Let it Be, Let it Be. That song has been stuck in my mind for months now. Those of you who are familiar with my work know the Grandmother. She shares her wisdom through what I call teaching stories. She was a storyteller and her stories appear in three of my books.

For a long time I have wanted to write a book of teaching stories. My agent wasn’t wild about the idea but the other day I decided I would write it and the publisher would come. I fully expected the book to be written by the Grandmother. Imagine my surprise when Mary showed up instead. Here is one of her stories. I guess the two of them will share the honors of being the storytellers.

With love and aloha,

Mary and the Cosmic Cappuccino House by Susan Gregg © 2010

Really important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.
~~Paulo Coelho~~

I can still remember my first cappuccino, that beautiful white foam and the luscious steam coming off the cup. My life has never been the same! What I am here to talk about today isn’t really the cappuccinos, it is about the decisions we make at the Cosmic Cappuccino House and how that affects the events in our next life that matters.

What is the Cosmic Cappuccino House you ask? It is a place where we gather as spirits before we are born, before we meet our physical families on the earth plane. I love meeting my future charges, sipping a luscious cappuccino and making plans for how we can all deepen our connection to our divinity. Yes all, I benefit as much as those I help.

I must admit my favorite role was as a mother to an incredibly loving son who tried to teach people about the power of love and forgiveness but I have enjoyed each and every opportunity to work with members of my spiritual family. Some lives and roles are just easier and more enjoyable than others.

Remember we are all members of the same family, we are all one and we all have an opportunity to expand this universal energy of creation. The universe is constantly expanding and our awareness grows with each choice someone makes and with each new thought and every event.

A child’s birth sends ripples through the entire cosmos. It is an event we all celebrate. As that piece of god slips into that tiny body they are immersed in an emotional rich sensual experience called life. People so often wonder about their life’s purpose because they have forgotten their true nature. Life is an opportunity to awaken that remembrance and enjoy the adventure called life. We so easily forget that life is a gift, a respite from eternity. Life is an incredible amusement park where we can have fun or struggle needlessly.

As we sit together at the Cosmic Cappuccino House we talk about love and we watch. We watch others moving through physical reality, sometimes easily with joy and at other times struggling filled with judgment and fear. We see where their beliefs stop them and speculate on other ways and different choices. We debate about the merits of language, choices, beliefs, the power of agreements and how culture, time and acceptance can change the outcomes. It so easy to see the patterns and to understand from here but when you are immersed in physical reality your perspective is very different.

Then at some point someone decides it is time for them to jump in and really play the game. It begins with a thought, an opportunity to see things from a different perspective. So we begin to explore different scenarios. Which country would serve us best, what type of family would push us to explore the issue most thoroughly? Sometimes we choose a family filled with violence and abuse. When that is the case the spirits closest to us offer to play the tough roles, those of the abusers.

When we choose the family and jump into that tiny body we know it isn’t what happens that matters it is what we do, how we choose to focus our attention. We know what really matters are the choices we make and whether we use events to deepen our connection with our spirit or to reaffirm what we believe. No matter what choices we make we help the universe to expand. I am always there, right at the edge of reality offering my love, guidance and wisdom.

Life is a glorious dance rich with experiences, ultimately with no right or wrong just choices and outcomes that allow us to better understand our connection to the divine. So we sit, at this wonderful gathering place and offer to meet, at appointed times at some point in the future in the physical universe. We forget making the appointment but we never miss our meetings.

Those ideas put a different spin on your life doesn’t it my beloved? We has an appointment, I’m here now and will continue to help you expand your understanding, your awareness and the remembrance of your true nature. We are here to help you accomplish your life’s purpose, to remember and to fully, passionately and joyous experience each moment in your life.

With love,
Mary and the rest of the angelic crew