Aloha everyone,

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  1. susan gregg

    Thanks Cindy for telling me about Marmie. I wonder if my chickens would like their toast with Guava Jelly?

  2. susan gregg

    Thanks Heidi. Animals are certainly a huge part of my life. They have taught me so much! I am glad you found my blog too!

  3. Mary

    Hi Susan, what a great story, your chicken is so cute. I love animals and have 2 dogs and a cat. When I am down, which is alot lately, my dog Shadow jumps up and puts his two paws on my shoulders and hugs me with his head. He senses when I am not doing well. I just love him and our other dog Talon to bits.

    I will say a prayer that that Dale’s surgery goes well, and Im sure it will Will be looking forward to your new post…Thanks again.

    Mary’s last blog post..PINK PIG

  4. susan gregg

    Thanks for your prayers Mary. Sometimes I think animals are just angels in furry coats. And dog after all is just god spelled backwards!

    And please tell Daisy – Dale will be very brave!!

  5. feefifoto

    What a sweet piece. It’s wonderful how we become so attached to our pets.

    feefifoto’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: I Swear I Am Not Making This Up

  6. Missy

    How lovely, Susan. I wish i had a chicken, maybe two. I love that you provided details on how smart chickens are.

    I do hope Dale is fine through and after surgery. Sending good vibes your way.


  7. susan gregg

    Cynthia, I had no idea how neat chickens could be.

    And Missy thanks for the good vibes. Any and all prayers are gratefully accepted.


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