This will be a time of remembrance and release
Remembering what does work while releasing what doesn’t work
Reconnect with magic and miracles

Once you sign up I

I’ll send you some questions to get clarity about what YOU want to create together. Then we’ll set up a time, we’ll talk and we

Once you sign up I

I’ll send you some questions to get clarity about what YOU want to create together. Then we’ll set up a time, we’ll talk and begin working together.

The next day we’ll talk often throughout the day. Questioning, talking, brainstorming while shifting and changing your inner landscape. You will align with your limitless self, we’ll meditate together. I’ll have you walk the labyrinth and surrender to the magic that is possible. By the end of the day you will be ready to let go and move on. Leaving much of your limiting thinking behind.

The next weekend we will do a check in call and once again I’ll give you some suggestions. I’ll be available to you afterwards by email and if necessary by phone. Even though oceans apart we continue our journey together.

This experience happens at all levels of your being. Emotionally, spiritually, AND energetically. The results WILL show up all areas of  your life.

Susan is such a loving, calming presence. We had a weekend retreat all about me -about self-love over Zoom. Her loving approach and the way she held space for me had a calming effect that showed me how I could love myself. When I signed up for her retreat, I was coming from a place of extreme sadness, frustration, and self-loathing.

Over the weekend, she asked me very powerful questions that led me to look at love in a new perspective. I saw how many untruths I associated with love -that my idea and feeling of love was based on fear rather than truth. I uncovered many things about myself over the 3 days we spent together. She also discovered an energetic splinter in my heart and performed a ritual to remove it and cleanse my energy.

It was a beautiful experience. I felt free, light, and energized after our weekend together. I know something has permanently shifted within me. I highly recommend her retreat and I’m looking forward to doing another one myself in the near future!


My life is pretty great but I was feeling “stuck” in my life. I had first heard about Susan Greg through her books. When I learned that she was doing “weekend intensives” I was intrigued. While she calls them “Weekend intensives” they’re so much more than that. Over four days, Susan was my coach and guide through an intense transformative experience that’s yielding benefits over a year later. I have tools now that I didn’t have before (and boy did I need them!) She’s a total guru. Highly recommended.

Senior Software Developer – Donovan Walker

By the end of the intensive you will have greater clarity
and tools that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

Recharge and reinvent yourself.
Let’s chat and see if we’re a good right fit.

This one day retreat actually occurs over 2 weekends and only costs $350.
Availability is limited, give yourself an amazing gift!

“I wasn’t sure if working with Susan could actually make a difference in my life.  However, I had read her book, “The Toltec Way,” and it had really resonated with me so I wanted to try working with her ‘real time.’  One month after I did the one-day intensive, I could already feel a difference.  I was actually making different, better choices in my life.  Susan was able to assess what was going on with me then say, “Okay, now let’s do this to fix it.”  It was a great experience – I plan to continue working with her!  Thank you, Susan!!
– Dr. Amy B, Nashville, TN