Have you ever had one of those white-hot AHA!-moments where you suddenly understood something that  had been eluding you?

Well I just had one recently . . .

I am leaving for Lithuania in a few days and I was trying to get everything done before I left. One of those things was opening up my favorite program, Mastering Life.

I’ve been re-working this apprenticeship program for a while now. As I was going through the class material, I suddenly had a flash. I’m really enjoying the updating process and getting excited about these updates, but I’m feeling really pressured to move faster and try to get it done immediately.

Then my little voice suddenly piped up and said, “Allow yourself to fully savor reading and editing this material rather than just getting it done.”

What a relief. Now, while I spend time in my favorite place in the whole world (next to my home in Hawaii) I will savor re-reading and editing, tweaking and changing.

I was amazed that because I wanted to get things done I forgot to take time to smell the roses. Life is after all a journey best savored in the moment. So I am back to savoring and all is well in my world.

With lots of love and aloha,