This morning I was sitting at my desk writing as the sun was rising. My room in Lithuania has a beautiful view of the sunrise. When I finish working here, I will fly to Vermont to pick up my father and bring him back to Hawaii with me.

In Hawaii there is a word for trauma and drama that I love,  it is pilikia. When I get home there could be much pilikia. My dad’s Alzheimer is progressing and he has always been an angry man. As I was writing I thought about the world as an energy system and I know the only thing that is real is that energy of creation, I think of it as love. Not human, conditional love but rather love that is the essence of incredibly beautiful, limitless, expansive energy of pure creation.

So, I thought about my dad and realized that once I let go of the story, which is after all what creates the pilikia, I can simply experience the energy of creation. In the midst of anger and domination I can experience love and dominion just by allowing it to be so. What a wonderful opportunity for me to practice!

When you watch the news and hear a doom and gloom story about the economy you could remind yourself only the love is real or get caught up in the fear. The universe is totally, absolutely abundant, there is no scarcity. Actually in the 1930’s during the height of a world wide depression, there were more millionaires made than in any other time in history and only 75% of the population was unaffected! Whatever we focus on we get more of, so the question is: do you want to focus on your limitless nature or on fear? Do you want to focus on abundance and create that or fear and create lack?

I know my dad is a limitless spirit, at the essence of his being he is unconditional love and we have ‘history.’ I remember how scary he was when I was a young child and he would go into a rage, I remember what it felt like a few years ago when he told everyone I abused him and stole his money and I know when I put him in a care facility he will once again ‘hate’ me and think I am evil. The question is: what do I want to experience, love or fear? I can choose to see only love, even in the presence of his anger.

Every moment in life is an opportunity for us to practice deepening our connect with our spirit or with our filter system. We always have that choice, it is just that by habit, we often choose to see only our story and forget the love that gives the story the illusion of being reality.

So moment by moment ask yourself: What do I want to create? What do I want to see, love or fear? Do I want to be right and reaffirm my story or be happy and connect with my spirit?

With love and aloha,