I am focusing my attention on my book CIG of Short Meditations that is coming out next week so here is a wondrful meditation from the book. I hope you enjoy it!

Imagine a bright, shiny golden metal disc directly over your heart. It is covered with ancient symbols of peace, wisdom, and joy. It slowly begins to spin. As it spins more and more rapidly it turns into a beautiful lotus flower that opens wider and wider. Its petals are a brilliant pink, and the center of the flower begins to glow. It gets brighter and brighter, twirling and pulsing.

It opens fully and a shaft of light flows into it, filling your heart with a deep sense of peace and love and acceptance. You can feel the warmth of the light hitting the flower and flowing effortlessly into your heart.

It is like a giant doorway flooding your heart with love. The golden disc continues to spin and you can smell the sweet scent of the lotus. You remember the lotus symbolizes enlightenment and you relax back into the feeling of love.

You feel the love washing away any old hurts and illuminating your mind, your heart, and your spirit. You never knew love could feel so good and you surrender completely to it. You gently and lovingly let go of any of your limiting beliefs, agreements, and assumptions that no longer serve you. You are joyously alive, at peace, and in love.

With love and lots of aloha,

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