A few weeks ago I was watching the television show 60 Minutes. They were doing a piece on the economy and they interviewed some people who had lost their jobs. I seldom watch the show and I found the segment particularly fascinating. In one formerly affluent family the husband had been out of work for a number of years. He had used his 401K to buy a franchise for cleaning air-conditioning ducts and wasn’t really making money doing it.

I could so relate to his filter system, I’d been there and done that. He had a really fancy truck and the franchise name but he wasn’t making money. Chances are he could have gotten the equipment for a lot less, change his filter system a bit and been successfully providing a necessary service while making a good living.

Another woman had been living with a friends brother, cleaning and cooking for him in exchange for room and board. She had just gotten a job with a substantial pay cut. The interviewer asked her if she expected to ever regain her former life style and the woman said no. For me it was sad to see someone give up on her dream.

In the depression during the 1930’s only 25% of the population was severely affected by the depression and there were more millionaires made than in any other time in history. My parents grew up during the depression and were both affected by it emotionally in very different ways.

It isn’t out there that creates our financial reality it is our filter system: our beliefs, agreements and assumptions. Thoughts aren’t real or solid yet they set in motion a vibration that in turn forms the substance of our lives.

Change our thoughts and our reality changes. If we don’t change our core beliefs our lives never change substantially. We just paint a different picture on the surface of the water of life that very quickly dissolves into nothingness. Before you know it we are creating more of the same old same old.

Instead if we change our thoughts one thought at a time everything changes. I enjoy listening to Ester Hicks. One of the things she talks about that I absolutely love is rampages of appreciation. Just imagine how differently you would feel at night if every time you wanted to complain about something or someone you did a rampage of appreciation about the subject instead.

Imagine a world in which the news was all about the wonderful things that were happening. Imagine if you and your friends only talked about how wonderful your life was. Just for today rant with appreciation about two or three things and see how you feel afterwards. Each night before you go to bed find 10 or 12 things to be grateful for and if you really want to change your life tell yourself stories about how wonderful your life is. Use your imagination to dream big and really feel the wonder of that dream. Then see what happens.

With love and aloha,

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