The Toltecs viewed the world as a vast energy system. We are magicians constantly creating our experience of reality. We create by manipulating energy. What we think determines how we hold the energy and how we hold the energy dictates our creation.

If you put a square shaped ice cube tray filled with water in the freezer you will get square ice cubes. You can put it in the freezer and affirm you want round ice cubes, you can do a ceremony, you can do anything you want, but you will get square ice cubes.

We can think I love myself, I deserve happiness and we still create evidence in our life that we don’t feel loved. Life constantly shows us in three-dimensional reality what our beliefs, agreements and assumptions are. Life reflects our intent and our level of awareness. If we want to transform our life we must change the energy we hold within us. We hold that energy based on our filter system.

If you want your life to reflect love you need to feel love. I find it useful to differentiate between emotions and feelings. Emotions are things like mad, sad, angry, love, and glad. Feelings are sensations in our body. Emotions will create sensations. If we feel loved we are holding the energy of love and our life will reflect it. If we walk around feeling afraid our life will reflect that as well yet affirm we are loved.

Use the three masteries – awareness, transformation and intent to create a life full of magic and wonder. Focus your awareness on what is going in within yourself right now. What are you feeling? Use your intent to change that feeling and transform what you are feeling into how you would feel if you had what you sat you want.

What do you want your life to reflect? Right now it reflects where you are internally. Change how you are feeling and you will change your life.

People often ask me for concrete suggestions and exercises. A very powerful exercise is to set an alarm of some sort for random times during the day. When it goes off take a deep breath, go inside and notice your thoughts. Take another deep breath and notice your emotions. Then take another deep breath and notice your feelings. It takes time to become proficient at this. Remember any spiritual practice takes practice.

Practice feeling what you want to feel – how you would feel if your life reflected what you want – instead of feeling what your filter system tells you to feel. Personal freedom is choosing moment by moment.

With love,

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