keyWouldn’t you like to wake up every day excited about the day? Just wake up really looking forward to thoroughly enjoying going to work and engaging with each and every moment in your life?

What is the key to finding that passion?

I finally found the key and it is retraining your mind. Our mind is an incredible bio-computer. If I hit ctrl X on my key board it will erase anything I have highlighted. If I hit ctrl x expecting it to do something else it won’t.  And no matter how much I wish or whine or complain or get upset or disappointed or get angry it will always do the same thing. Ctrl x is part of the of the operating system of my computer.

So it is with or mind and our life. Until we decide to consciously change our filter system, our mind’s operating system very little will change. Using will power we may change things for a short while but actual, lasting change takes something else.

Passion, purpose and having fun are part of our filter system

Have you ever noticed that life seems easy for some people and hard for others? We all have beliefs, agreements and assumptions that dictate the quality of our life. Change them and every thing changes. Make changes and fail to change your filter system and no permanent changes occur.

Our thinking is either habitual or conscious

The key to permanent change is being fully present in the moment. We created our beliefs by repeating the same thought over and over again or repeating the same action. We change our beliefs by being in the present moment with a new set of assumptions. I think of it as seeing life through the eyes of love.

Are you worth having an awesome life?

When I work with people I find that is a great place to start. A lot of times we have a belief getting in the way of our happiness.

A simple tool for creating awesome changes in your life is your bathroom mirror. Talk to yourself every morning. Start out with phrase like I love you. I accept you. Then remind yourself of he changes you have decided to make. Say something like, “Today I easily and effortlessly remember to ____” and then fill in the blank. Make sure you speak to yourself lovingly and in positive terms. The universe doesn’t hear negatives. I am no longer going to really means I am going to.

So what do you think? What are the five things you will change in 2014? Love to hear about it in the comment section.

With love and joy,