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I have some amazing expereinces in England. Here is a picture of me with a hawk. Then a few days ago I had the privilege of going into Stonehenge before dawn and doing a ceremony. It was amazing to stand amongst those ancient stones and feel the power and the stillness. It really felt like stepping back in time. Yesterday I went to the Chalice Well in Glastonbury and was really struck by the stillness I felt within myself and then it struck me.

The saying, “the quiet, still place that lies within” kept running through my mind. It is in that inner stillness we can find ourselves. It is in that silence we find the peace that lives within us all. And from that place anything is possible.

Be still and know you are the goddess. What a simple and powerful action we can take moment by moment. Simply step into the stillness. If I decide to stop thinking I create resistance but if consciously choose to step into the stillness there is an ease and a sense of profound connection. What an incredible gift that has always lived within me and all I have to do is choose.

Last night I had a dream that I was being cradled by the goddess. Just held, nurtured and loved. It is something I always longed for and never even knew it was possible or a desire that lived within me.

Give yourself the gift of surrendering to love and allowing the universe to embrace you. The universe only has one answer to any of our request and that is yes. There are never any no’s or maybes just a resounding yes. Of course all of our request go through our filter system. So allow for the possibility that the universe is a loving supportive place, open up to the stillness that lives within you and see what sort of magic and miracles are possible.

With love and aloha from the stillness,

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