Peace of mind is something no one can give us and no one can take away from us. We are totally in charge of our peace of mind although there sure are times it doesn’t seem that way. When the neighbors dog wakes us up for the hundredth time in the middle of the night, or our beloved has just walked out the door or . . . there certainly seems to be a variety of external reasons for our disturbance. When we are willing to assume responsibility for our peace of mind it is much less illusive and much more available to us.

What kinds of thoughts bring you peace of mind? What sorts of thoughts create inner turmoil? It really is simple. If you want peace of mind avoid thoughts that create turmoil. Change the stories you tell yourself about life. What ever we focus our attention on we get more of. If you tell yourself stories that generate fear you will get more fear. If you tell yourself stories that create a feeling of peace you will get more peace.

It isn’t about denial – you don’t look at war and ignore it. Instead you can learn to look at war and see the perfection in it. Each spirit is experiencing whatever it needs to experience in order to remember its divinity. So you can look at war and acknowledge it is a stretch for you to understand the perfection, but remain willing to see war through the eyes of your spirit.

Whatever is in your life is there by invitation. If you acknowledge yourself as the creative, powerful, spiritual being you are you can learn how to send out different types of invitations. So many people tell me they want to find peace of mind, yet are unwilling to change their stories.

Ask yourself, “What do I want to experience right now?” and ask yourself if you are willing to experience it right now regardless of external circumstances.

I want more money. Are you willing to feel what it feels like to be incredibly rich with no debts right now?

I want a loving husband or wife. Are you willing to feel loved and connected and experience all the things you think a relationship will bring you right now?

I want more time. Are you willing to feel free and unconstrained and know you have as much time as you want or need right now in this moment?

If you aren’t willing to give yourself something right now in this moment you will never have it. If you are waiting to be fulfilled until some time in the future the catch is – by the time the future gets here it is this moment. This moment is the only point in time we have the power to change. So right here, right now give yourself permission to have it all – whatever all is for you.

With love,
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