I am currently in Sedona but Pele (the volcano) has been busy! The day I left we had 30+ earthquakes and now the lava is flowing into Leilani Estates. The last time I remember the volcano erupting in large showy fountains was years ago.

Last week I took a visitor up to the park and the lava lake was flowing across the caldera floor. Nature sure is amazing, the force of nature dwarfs us humans.

I am at the Gathering of Shamans her in Sedona. Today I got to give Don Miguel a big hug (pictures to follow). I hadn’t see him in over 20 years and to reconnect and share the love was awesome.

The magma flows up from the core of the planet and the lava transforms the planet. Love, the most powerful force in our lives can flow up from within ourselves and transform our lives much like the lava.

The volcano doesn’t wait for someone else to spew forth, it just flows. Waiting for the love of another to  impact our lives is futile if we don’t love ourselves.

Love and lava – very similar forces.

Let the love in, from your own heart and see what happens. You are the one constant in your own life. Love love love ….

With love and aloha,