One of the objectives of Toltec wisdom is to change our point of creation from our mind to our spirit. In order to do that we must decrease our personal importance while increasing our personal power. They are inversely proportionate – the more you have of one the less you have of the other.

As an exercise begin to notice whether you are in personal importance or personal power. Developing discernment is very important part of your process if you really want to achieve personal freedom.

So, as you move through your day ask yourself often: Am I coming from a place of love, personal power or from a place of fear, personal importance?

Just observe, avoid judging yourself for where you are.

Personal Importance

Another aspect of living a life in domination is the concept of personal importance. When you are in personal importance you are always judging yourself and others. Your esteem comes from external sources and is very transitory. You aren’t free to make choices; you are a victim of your thoughts and beliefs.

In a state of personal importance, you have no real power, because you are disconnected from your essence and the universe. Any sense of power you have is an illusion. Personal importance tells you that you’re right and others are wrong while it also tells you that you’re wrong and others are right. In this state, the mitote of the mind is in full gear. Because personal importance is part of the illusion that we are separate, it lies.

As long as you are in personal importance, it is almost impossible to find a sense of peace. You are seeing the world as place of struggle and divisiveness.

Personal Power

When you are operating from personal power, you are living from your heart or your spiritual center. You are making your choices consciously and making them based on love instead of fear.

Being in personal power, you view the universe from the perspective of dominion. You know you are part of that creative energy, part of the Creator, or as some people call it, God. Because you are connected to your source, you truly do have the power to effect change; you are part of the truth rather than the illusion. You know that you are responsible for the results of your decisions, and that you can use outcomes that you don’t like as an opportunity to learn and grow. As you build your personal power, you increase your ability to access the divine and your vision of reality becomes clearer. You begin to see things as they truly are.

With love and aloha,

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