Jerry Hicks is sick – do we send love or fear?

I recently heard that Jerry Hicks was ill and I was curious. I enjoy Abraham’s teachings and in trying to find more information I found out something very interesting.

First I Goggled Jerry Hicks illness and got pages written mainly by cynics rejoicing that the Abraham scam would finally be revealed. Then I used a few other search engines and got varying results.’s results included affirmations, Unity Church and references to Louise Hay. Even the search engine have a perspective. They aren’t neutral fact finders.

Even on the more ‘loving’ sites I found an underlying theme that since he was sick he either did something wrong, wasn’t following the teachings properly or the teachings themselves obviously had no value. I have observed people for years doing that. On occasions a student has placed me up on a pedestal and when they ‘found out’ I was just a human being experiencing life they were disappointed and angry.

There is no right or wrong, there is just what is and what we do with it

Society is based on the paradigm of domination: right and wrong, good or evil. I think of it symbolically as a line. Domination is always based on judgment which in my opinion is generally always fear based.

I prefer the paradigm of dominion because it allows us to let go of right and wrong and lovingly deal with what is. Dominion is based on the realization that everything is a matter of perspective, that we all have a unique view of life and that our perspective depends on where we are standing on the sphere. I think it is much easier to see life in a loving manner with compassion and understanding from dominion.

There is nothing wrong with illness. It just is, it is an experience and how we experience it depends on where we are on the sphere. I prefer health. I prefer feeling vital and alive but at times my body gets sick. How I feel about that and the choices I make are very different when I view it from dominion.

Does being sick mean you did something wrong?

I think not. Being sick means you are having an experience and not necessarily one you are enjoying a whole lot.  When I first started exploring the idea that I created my reality I got a cold. I judged myself very harshly. I was miserable and really knew I had done a ‘bad’ thing. When I let go of the idea of right and wrong my experience of creating my reality changed a lot.

I still occasionally get colds. When I notice my body is ‘getting  a cold’  I surrender and allow my body to do whatever it needs to do, I relax into the experience and the cold generally lasts a few days. I no longer judge myself if I forget to take care of my body.

So Jerry Hicks may be sick. There is no need to judge him or think he is a fraud or assume he isn’t following Abrahams teachings correctly. His body is having an experience. I choose to send him lots of love and see him happily experiencing whatever he chooses to create consciously or unconsciously. He and Ester have shared lots of wonderful information and seem like very loving and giving people.

If you don’t have something nice to say

My mother’s favorite saying was, “If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.” She didn’t know anything about energy or likes attracting likes but all in all her saying is not a bad idea. I send Jerry and Ester Hicks all my love and prayers for everything they want.

I hope you do too. If not you might want to remember that judgment and anger are a lot like holding onto a hot potato. You are the one that gets burned not the person you are thinking about throwing it at.

With love and aloha,