Aloha everyone,


I am here in Lithuania. I love this country. When I got off the plane yesterday after traveling for several days I was struck by the smell of the air. It is fall here and lots of farmers burn their fields so the air is ladened with the scent of burning leaves and moist earth.

I am here to do workshops and this is the fourth year I have come here. I am not sure exactly what the pull is, but I find it magical every time and I keep returning. I went out in search of breakfast this morning and it is cool outside. Luckily I bought myself a warm jacket on my way here. The people here are all very serious as they hurry off to work.

Many of them grew up afraid of being turned into the KGB and with lots of rules. One of the first things I have people do in my workshops is give one another a hug. At first their discomfort is palpable, but after a few days everyone is smiling and laughing and hugging. Then the new people show up. They look at all the people that have been here for a while like they have three heads, but within a day they too are laughing and hugging too.

I am staying in an old monastery near an old church behind a castle. Lots of history here. Between that and just finishing the book on angels, saints and deities I had very interesting dreams last night.

One of the things that really struck me during my morning meditation was where we put the emphasis in our life. Some of the saints were able to fly, heal, turn water into wine and their main focus was their spiritual connection. That is the only difference between them and you and me. I realized how much value there is in that perspective. Spirituality first and then life flows from that solid foundation. When I do that life is so much fuller and I have so much more time.

It is so easy to forget. Our spiritual practices become something we fit into our life rather than build our lives upon.

How would your life change if your connection to who and what you really are came first? I know mine sure has. When I put that connection first magic and miracles happen. Come to think of it that is part of why I love coming here so much. I spend a month immersed in that connection.

Try it – you might even like it!!!

With love and aloha from Lithuania,