Like gears in a machine our thoughts have power. They have the power to create a life filled with magic and miracles or a life filled with horror and limitations. Those gears inevitably turn one another, the direction is totally up to us.

Happiness and joy or sadness and loneliness?

Do you speak lovingly to yourself or do you judge?
Do you take time each day to feed your soul or are you too busy to take time for yourself?
Do you feel loved or unloved? Lovable or unlovable?
Do you value your own needs and or are others needs more important than yours?
Are you following your bliss or are you plodding through life believing the lies you’ve been told?

Beyond the smoke screen of your thoughts lies heaven

Are you willing to let go of hell and live in heaven?

Heaven is always just a thought away and so is hell.
So moment by moment what choice do you make?
Which inner dialog do you listen to?

Our thoughts are like smoke. They only have power if we believe them and then make choices that allow them to manifest in our lives.

When I first began studying with Don Miguel and he told me things like that I used to think, “Yeah right, easy for you to say.” Today I know it is easy for anyone to embrace their true nature, if they are willing.

You are a being of love, light and laughter disguised as a human being. You can experience the physical limitations of being a human being and live in hell. Or you can choose to be a being of love and light and laughter thoroughly enjoying being a human being on this awesome planet called earth.

Who and what do you believe you are? Are you an angel or a hunk of flesh? As always I look forward to reading your thoughts and feelings in the comments below.

What will you create for yourself this week?

Is it time you reached out and allowed me to help you set yourself free? I am always available for a short chat to see if we would be a good match.

With love, joy, happiness and aloha,