goals-dreams_thumb.jpgYour words make a huge difference in your experience of life. Your choice of words really matters.

So often I see people use negatives without realize that don’t = do, in a very real sense the universe doesn’t ‘hear’ the not part. I don’t want to feel poor energetically translates into I want to be poor.

So often when I work with people and ask them what they want to create they give me a litany of what they don’t want.

At times I find myself struggling to avoid using negatives.

Just notice

Notice in a day how often you use words like can’t, won’t, shouldn’t. Simply observe how you describe your life and talk about what is going on around you.

Everything is this world is energy. We use our words to shape and form the events in our life. We invite what will come next by how we think, what we focus our attention on and the emotional content of the words themselves.

What is your life’s purpose?

(FYI it isn’t predestined, you get to choose and there are no wrong answers) You get to define what you are passionate about. Your hobby, your work or just watching the stars┬ácan be your life’s purpose. What do you want to do today? What is your passion?

You can change your definitions and in the process change the energy swirling around you. When I was younger the word love was scary, painful and to be avoided at all cost. Today love is the foundation of my life. It is a powerful force that guides my thinking and fills me with a sense of peace, passion, laughter and joy. It is a word that has great power. I love showing people how to love themselves.

Observe your words

If I say to you, “Whatever you do don’t think about a red fire truck.” You probably weren’t thinking about one until I told you not to think about one.

Find words that are pleasing and redefine the one’s that aren’t. Bathe your life in words that uplift you, fill you with joy, passion and happiness.

If you were to describe yourself in a few words what would those words be? Love to see them in the comment section. Thanks for reading my words and for encouraging me by asking questions.

With love and aloha,