Shortly after I finished my apprenticeship with Don Miguel Ruiz he called me up one day and asked me if I’d like to go to Mexico with him. I said no I couldn’t afford it. I regretted that decision and was actually rather angry I couldn’t go but I learned a very valuable lesson that day.

I never again made my decisions based on money alone. After that I always asked myself what value it had to me, did it really matter and would it make a difference in my life.

Years later I had the opportunity to go to Egypt and be on a panel with Marianne Williamson. I didn’t have the money and I decided to go anyway.

It worked out wonderfully, being on stage and spending time with my favorite author was well worth it. The experience was seriously life changing. I watched how she treated people. Marianne Williamson truly cared for people. Her sincerity and open heart taught me so much about the power of love and how to be an instrument of transformation in people’s lives.

Yesterday I did my first Facebook Live and I loved it. I was talking about ‘forest bathing’ and my upcoming retreat in November.

Several people sent me a private message saying they would love to come but …. It always saddens me when people fail to follow their hearts desire. I shudder when I think about where my life would be if I hadn’t followed my spirit and gone to Egypt. I could fill an entire book with all the magical experiences I had while I was there. Each one of them serves as a wonderful reminder of what really is possible in life. Who I am and the choices I make are much more expansive and love based as a result of that trip.

Listen to your heart. Come to Hawaii, immerse yourself in the love and allow your life to really blossom and grow.

Anyone who signs up for the retreat this month will get a free month of coaching with me after the retreat.

Join this powerful group of women, change your life and let’s make a difference in the world as well. Come, feel the life changing energies of gratitude, love and joy. Allow the magic of this island to touch your heart and your mind while you learn how to release your limiting beliefs and become the goddess you were always meant to be.

With love, lots and lots of love,