Enjoy a private retreat designed just for you




Imagine taking a wonderful time out from your life. Relaxing, recharging and realigning with your spirit. Being pampered, getting in touch with your soul’s deepest purpose, connecting with your hopes, desires and dreams. And going home with a plan and a daily routine that really serves you.

the path

Let’s create your perfect retreat:

  • What are your favorite foods?
  • Do you need more rest?
  • Want to feel nurtured, pampered and loved?
  • Like to learn how to quiet your mind?
  • Experience energy healings, relax, recharge and realign with your inner self
  • Learn to invite magic and miracles into your life
  • Explore the difference between love based love and fear based love
angel and labyrinth

You had asked for a few brief words from my stay.  So here goes….

Amazing….inspiring….life changing 😊


What would you like to create?

The possibilities are endless:


  • Snorkel in tidal pools
  • Float in the warm ponds where ocean water is gently heated by Pele (the Goddess of the volcano)
  • Eat fresh locally grown food mindfully prepared
  • Meditate, walk the labyrinth and just recharge
  • Hike on earth newly created, walk through a lava tube
  • Be surrounded by beauty
  • Have energy healings and let go
  • Remember what life is really all about
  • Take time just for you
  • Go home feeling loved, nurtured with a new awareness of life’s endless possibilities
  • Hawaii in itself is magical, but a retreat just for you is an amazing gift

There are an infinite number of possibilities but here are three:

You can come anytime but in April, May, September and October the airfares are usually a bit cheaper.

Home cooked meals are included with all three options. As is lots of time with me, exercises, meditations and walking the amazing labyrinth.

Option1: During this solo retreat you will stay in a very comfortable (6′ high) tent with a futon on top of a large cot. There is an outside toilet, (private and enclosed), a wonderful hot shower with a view of the jungle, as well as lots of time to be and reflect.  You’d rent a car to go on adventures. (I’d make suggestions where you might want to go)  We’d meditate, talk and you can explore Hawaii and the property.

Option 2: There is no need to rent a car, I’m your guide. You’d stay in a very comfortable tent in my orchard where you can see the stars and bask in the light of the Milky Way. You could take long, hot showers in the outdoor shower surrounded by the jungle. We would meditate together, You’d walk the labyrinth, I’d give you writing exercises, we’d spend time together talking and going to various sites on the island that I find powerful and relaxing.

Option 3: A retreat where you’d stay in the very comfortable guest room in my home. You’d have me as your guide while going on adventures to various spots I find powerful. We’d meditate, talk and I’d give you writing exercises. You could spend hours walking the labyrinth and just sitting by the pond relaxing.

We’d have to pick dates, make a reservation so to speak. You’ll go home filled with love having let go of many of the things that limited you in the past. You’d have a plan going forward and we’d have a follow up phone call to make sure you stay on track.

There is a 5 day minimum but I suggest 7 days if you really want to shift things.

If you want to stay less than 5 days that is possible there is just an additional one time $100 set up fee.

Like to talk about the possibilities? I’m easy to talk to and can answer all your questions.

Just click here and schedule a time to talk.

Or drop me an email

It is with pleasure that I share my experience with Susan Gregg during a private retreat. I could sum it up with one word – “fabulous”, but I’d like to explain. Through inquiry and observation, Susan was able to see what I couldn’t. I had explained to Susan that I wanted to find a way to connect with my inner wisdom, which I felt had been eluding me. Susan knew exactly where to begin: fear. Over the course of two weeks, Susan provided guidance in the form of discussion, activities, meditations, and energy work all designed to dissipate fear and help me move out of my head so that I could live from my heart. It was an amazing experience – one that has quite literally changed my life. As an added bonus, the food was wonderful and the side trips we were able to take as part of the retreat are memories for a lifetime.  I’m quite grateful that this opportunity presented itself to me. If you are looking to cut through your nonsense and get to work, then I highly recommend Susan to help you get where you want to go.


Allow the beauty of this place touch your heart.
This video was made by Kristine from Latvia.
All the images were made here on my amazing property.