Long Distance Healing Sessions

When there is an imbalance in your life or body, energy healing is a powerful way of restoring that balance.

I first got interested in healing when I lived in Vermont and I had frost bite on my first two fingers and my thumb. It was very painful and the doctors said they thought they could save my fingers but I would never have feeling or fine motor skills again.

At that point I was a stained glass artist and really needed those finger. A few weeks later I went to see a psychic, we sat down she grabbed my hand, let out a loud noise, and then we continued on with the reading. A few days later a layer of skin pealed off my fingers. I was shocked, they were nice and pink and,they were totally  normal.

I went back to see her and asked her what she did. After she explained about the power of healing energy and that I could learn how to direct it I begin a wonderful journey. My exploration of that energy has taken me all over the world. I’ve been working with energy for almost 40+ years. 


The healing room

I now offer long distance energy healing. I love doing it, feeling the energy shift, and watching the amazing results.

How exactly does it work? To be honest, I’m not sure and I am sure it does work. Helping people shift their energy is part of what I call my soulful, heart-centered ministry.

When I built the addition to my home I created amazing healing room on the third floor. Thanks to covid I shifted into doing more long distance healing. I find the results are just as profound if not more so!

When I work on someone I always tell them to be quiet and when we are in the room together people aways seem to want to talk but when I do distance work there is silence.

How a session works

First we schedule time for the session. We talk first,  make some suggestions, you find a comfortable spot and open yourself up to receive. I go into meditation and work with you while seated in my healing room. Then the magic begins.

I used to call people after the session but frequently found they had fallen asleep.

So now, I send you an email, usually the next day and you can tell me how it went. If you want to talk we can do a check in the next day.

I find it takes time for the energy to settle in. I tell people how they can deepen their expreience and help the energy to grow.

Ready to book a session?

A session lasts about
2 hours
It cost $95.

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