clock on fireI broke a tooth a week or so ago. Today I went to the dentist to get it pulled. The dentist told me I had the option of having it pulled by a surgeon, it would be more successful and less likely to break my jaw. Definitely a good thing. So I opted not to have it pulled.

But as I was driving home I noticed a pattern: avoid pain today and just put it off until tomorrow. It made sense in this context but the question became was that choice (procrastination in  another disguise) operating in other areas of my life?

I used to have problems with procrastination and thought I had overcome it. Today I saw procrastination had morphed. Not having my tooth pulled made sense but I had to question myself.

Occasionally I will put off exercises because ________ well you fill in the blank.

Do you avoid discomfort in the moment and short change yourself in the long run? Today I saw that I tend to avoid pain without thinking about the final result, but moving forward I will use that awareness to improve the quality of my life.

The three Toltec masteries are: Awareness, Transformation and Intent. Today I was able to expand my awareness and in the process change the outcomes I get in the future.

How about you? Do you want to expand your awareness? Do you want to start getting very different results in your life?

Isn’t it about time to start living the life of your dreams? Question yourself, expand your awareness and make all your choices from a place of love, for yourself and others.

Reminding people how to do that is one of my specialties.

With love and aloha and today with less avoidance,