My mother had a good friend named Naomi. The beginning of every month, just as she woke up she would say, “Rabbit, rabbit.” She believed it brought her good luck. Not sure how she felt about that after she was murdered. 

She was my mom’s best friend. My mom was devastated by her death.  The murder was never solved . They lived in a very rural area. My mom didn’t know how to grieve, she only knew how to get angry and drink away her emotions

When I saw a post about it being the first day of September I thought of ‘rabbit, rabbit.’ This is a long story but stay with me, it is worth it.

One October morning I woke up and my first thought was, ‘rabbit, rabbit.” At that point I had lots of magical thinking and very little, if any conscious connection with my spirit. So I thought this is going to be a great month and then a little fear creeped in, because of my mom’s friends death.

A few weeks later I woke up thinking there is no reason my mom had to die, she was healthy and nothing was wrong. That night I got an odd phone call from a woman wanting to verify my phone number. After what seemed like an eternity and lots and lots of phone calls I found out my mom had been killed in a car accident. 

Little did I know that my entire life was about to change, my beliefs and world view would be blown apart, my life as I knew it seemingly destroyed.  In hindsight, once I let go of my old world view I would create a life beyond my wildest dreams, find love, happiness and joy.

My immediate reaction was to feel responsible, if I hadn’t thought “rabbit, rabbit” or had warned my mother that day she would still be alive. Now, I look back and remember the day she had decided she was done with this life. It was her choice to move on and she gave me an incredible gift. 

Had my mom lived I never would have moved to California, never met Don Miguel Ruiz and his mom and you wouldn’t be reading this. In Chaos theory they talk about the butterfly effect, about how a small change in one moment can cause big changes in another time and place.

Change can be fun, gentle and exhilarating or it can be traumatic, painful and disastrous. I truly believe love can make the difference.

Early on in my journey I realized that I had a choice, I could move away from pain or choose to move toward pleasure. If I moved away from pain I realized I created pain to move away from and if I moved toward pleasure I created more pleasure to move toward.

What are you doing in your life? Are you moving toward love or away from fear? Are you afraid of not having enough money so you are creating more debt? Embracing abundance so opportunities, money, happiness and joy flow endlessly toward you?

Moment by moment we have a choice: love or fear, expansion or contraction. Energy is always moving, what are you inviting into your life right now?

Sometimes changing your filter system, seeing your beliefs and what you are really doing can be challenging. Later this month I will be starting a class that will help you do just that, consistently, with ease and a sense of wonder and awe. 

Yes, life really can be an awesome adventure filled with love, laughter, joy and ease! So stay tuned, or not.

With love, aloha and a BIG smile,