sunrise The other morning I was in my hot tub watching the sunrise. It had stopped raining and I was thinking about rainbows. I often see one in the morning behind my home.

As the sun hit the bamboo plant I noticed small drops of water at the tip of the leaves. As I starred at the water drops I saw a tiny rainbow. A beautiful, glistening rainbow in a drop of rain. I was so happy and it reminded of life as a whole.

So often in life we miss the magic and the wonder of life. We are so busy thinking about life we don’t actually live life. Had I gone on thinking about rainbows I would have missed that absolutely beautiful miniature rainbow. I will never look at my bamboo plant or raindrops the same way.

Happiness, joy and success are mater of perspective

rock keyWith a simple change of perspective our choices and what we create in our lives changes exponentially.

Love expands, fear contracts. Just as rainbows come in all different sizes so does our success and happiness. Today practice looking for the magic in even the smallest events in your life.

Practice seeing the world through the eyes of love. See what you see when you do that. I assure you that is your key to freedom and success beyond your wildest imaginings.


I recently ran across this quote:Tweet:     Miracles are nature unimpeded.      Jane Roberts

Miracles are nature unimpeded.

Jane Roberts

When we get out of the way miracles become a normal everyday occurrence.

When I first started my journey in the 80’s I made a box that I called my box of creation. I decorated it with beautiful pictures, expansive images, angels and positive affirmations. When I needed or wanted something I would put it in the box knowing a solution far beyond my most expansive thinking would occur and then I would let it go. To the best of my ability I wouldn’t give it a single thought.

It was a symbolic way for me to stop impeding nature. You can make a box or just change your perspective and the way you think about life. As I embrace the wisdom recently shared with me by bohiLIA I have more and more miracles each day. Let easy and effortless become your motto.

I’d love to see you thoughts, comments and if you have any questions in the comment section below. Have an amazing day full of smiles, love, magic and miracles!

With love and aloha,