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I got a new knee last week. Saying that still feels like science fiction to me! Old knee gone, I assume burned up  as medical waste and a new knee in its place. Once the tissue around the new knee heals I will be able to hike again. I can already walk, swing my knee smoothly and there is no more crunch and munch in the joint.

Change is awesome …

We live in a universe that is incredible. It is constantly growing, expanding and changing. The thing we so often forget is that in order to change our life all we have to do is change our filter system. All we really need to do is let go of our limiting beliefs and poof … our life changes dramatically.

Since I got my new knee I have been having a series of powerful dreams. I have seen images of beliefs that have limited me since I was a young child. The neat thing is I have also awakened with the willingness to let go of those beliefs.

The willingness to be willing

Change = making new choices

Making new choices = becoming aware of our thought patterns

Once we are aware of our thought patterns we need to be willing to change. I once realized deciding to be willing to be willing to be willing made change a lot easier. Practice being willing to let go of what doesn’t work in your life and watch the magic unfold in your life.

With love and aloha,