1342548505354A90FC.pngThis week I have been talking about the difference between love and fear and that wonderful sense of belonging.

Love or fear

Today I want to talk about the difference between creating from a place of alignment with your spirit (love) and using your will power (fear)to create your experiences in life.


When I work with people in my coaching program I have them email me their intent each day. I think of intent as our way of harnessing the energy of creation. Intent is one of the three masteries of the Toltec tradition and it always works. Intent in the purest sense is always love based and therefore in alignment with my spirit.

If I set my intent to be happy and I have some beliefs that won’t allow me to create happiness I will get to see those beliefs by the results I get in my life. Since I am working on my alignment with my spirit I will lovingly (most days) look for the beliefs stopping me from being happy.

Will Power

On the other hand there is will power which is in alignment with our filter system and often fear based. I have muscled my way through much of my life. I would decide if I had a new car or a relationship or a different job then I would be happy.

I would push and push and create what I thought I wanted but since it was based on the will of my small self it seldom brought happiness just an emptiness that deepened that sense of not belonging anywhere.

Learning the difference is what set me free

When we are in alignment with our spirit life has a sense of ease. We we are using the power of our will our life gets a but dicey and speed bumps sprout up all over the place.

Today I can easily tell whether love or fear is in charge by how I feel about the results I am getting. It took time and practice to tell the difference. I was lucky to have a series of supportive mentors and guides. It is hard to see our filter system without some assistance because after all we see life through our filter system.

This weekend I am opening up my coaching program. It will be open until 6 PM Monday, May 5th.


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With love and aloha,

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