Sunday night Roxie, our 8 year old miniature Schnauzer died. She’d been sick for a few days but death never seemed imminent. She was laying next to me under the covers when she took her last breath. What had been an energetic, feisty, very animated dog was simply a lump of flesh devoid of life.

I was once again reminded that we aren’t the body, we are the energy that gives life to the body. We are star stuff. I was really struck by the shift of energy from one moment to the next. Life and death. Death of course is really just a change of address. Our spirit leaves the body and moves on.

We are this amazing energy that creates universes when we align with our spirit. When we align with our body and our mind’s version of reality we are a limited, fragile creature living at the whim of unseen forces around us.

I cried when Roxie ‘died’ but the love lives on. I have many wonderful memories of her. I imagine she is off enjoying her freedom, running, EATING (she loved eating and the amount was limited much to her dismay) and being the boss of all around her. She is star stuff.

I tell you of her death not to ‘make you feel’ sad but as a wonderful reminder that we are our spirit and not our body. I have been in the presence of death many, many times but this time I felt the difference when the spirit left in a more profound way.

Life can be absolutely amazing when we align more fully with our spirit, actually anything is possible.

As I write this post it is Winter Solstice here in the Northern part of the globe. The first day of a new year. What are you going to do to make 2017 amazing, allowing all your hopes, dreams and desires come true???

With love, aloha and excitement about what is coming