I first became interested in energy healing when a woman healed my frost bitten fingers. The doctors said they could probably save my fingers but that I would never regain feeling in them.

Jeanie Lang healed them completely in a matter of seconds. I spent a lot of time with her asking tons of questions and embracing her philosophy of love.

A year later I moved to California and studied with numerous energy and spiritual healers including Sister Sarita, Don Miguel Ruiz’s mother in the 80’s long before the bestseller The Four Agreements. All of the modalities I studied were adamant that you could only run energy on someone else, not on yourself.

In 2008 prior to one of my trips to Lithuania I became a Reiki Master. I wanted to do Reiki I attunements for people so they could run energy on themselves. I only did Reiki I attunements because I wanted people to use it for self care. I thought it was important for them to do something solely for themselves. I suggested that if they wanted to know more about Reiki or continue they study with one of the Reiki masters close to them.

The more I learned about the Reiki tradition the more I was attracted to it. It is a system of healing that also teaches gratitude and invites people to let go of thoughts and feelings that separate them from the source of all love.

When I decided to stop traveling last year I also decided to expand my healing practice here on the Big Island. I do individual healing sessions, love working on animals and also teach Reiki level I and II classes.

The Reiki philosophy is very simple.

It is based on love, gratitude and being if service.

These are the five principles of Reiki:


  • Just for today I will avoid getting angry
  • Just for today I will avoid worrying
  • Just for today I will be grateful
  • Just for today I will do my work honestly
  • just for today I will be kind to every living thing

In the light of the creator we can see only love.