Throughout the year, I hold powerful retreats in Hawaii, one of the most healing and transformative places on earth. You’ll also find me teaching around US—and the globe, including Japan and eastern Europe. I’d love to meet you!

I love sharing all the magic the islands have to offer, and so I’ve created two unforgettable and transformational retreat experiences for you.

Ke Aloha Huaka’i: The Loving Journey

A personalized one-day healing adventure

labyrinth with angelsIf you are already planning a trip to Hawaii, I invite you to come spend a day at my island home. Allow yourself to take part in a powerful healing adventure.

No matter what you are seeking, I will create a special day that will nurture and rejuvenate you from inside out.

Luscious food, quiet time, energy work and one on one dialogs that will change your life.

Let’s create the adventure of your lifetime.
Spiritual retreat for the total you towards best quality progress.


Let the Love Rush In
August 15-21, 2016

An end of summer camping retreat
Cost $995

Price includes food, lodging and transportation once you land in Hilo
This will be a small intimate, group of no more than 11 people

This retreat is all about the love. When we let go of fear there is room for the love to flow in and infuse our lives with magic and miracles.  This retreat will help you in letting go, releasing and then simply allowing.

We swim in a sea of love yet so often our lives are filled with worry and fear.

  • What about the terrorists?
  • Money, where will it come from?
  • What is my life’s purpose? (a hint to enjoy life)
  • What happens when I die?
  • Is there a heaven and a hell?

The list can go on and on. This retreat will help you remember your divine nature and let many of your fears go!

You will:

  • Snorkel in the Champagne ponds – the water is heated by the volcano and it is a place turtles often come to take a nap
  • Meditate beside the pond, in the jungle where you will be sleeping
  • Fall asleep listening to Coqui frogs and hearing the family of opwls that live in the orchard
  • Have delicious food prepared by Bea a Curandera and amazing cook. There will be lots of fresh fruit, banana bread lovingly made by me, bananas, papayas, pineapples and fresh eggs from my well-loved free range chickens
  • Morning meditations and energy work
  • Lots of class time, private healings and time to relax in the warmth of the tropics
  • We’ll explore lava tubes, walk on the lava fields of Puna
  • The Big Island is considered the heart center of the earth and home to an active volcano
  • Walk my labyrinth surrounded by lotus ponds and filled with angels

I look forward to sharing my home with you, my love and the wisdom of the Toltec Tradition. Come and create the memories of a lifetime!

This retreat will fill up fast. So Reserve Your Spot Now  with a $500 non-refundable deposit.


Here is a video made by one of the participants of the last retreat.



A Time of Renewal
February 15 – 25, 2016


The retreat was amazing.

The experience had given me so many ideas of how I can share my home, the love and the wisdom.

There were so many magical moments. Here is a beautiful video one of the participants made. I am so grateful when I realize I live here and have spent the past 12 years creating this beautiful sacred space. You can visit here and create your own memories by attending one of my retreats, either a group one or one created just for you.



What others have said about my retreats:

“Susan created an atmosphere that enabled me to experience heightened states of awareness that I had only heard about. Now I can sense and appreciate subtle energies that have previously been outside my ability to perceive. My life is fuller and richer because of this experience.” B.F. Kailua, HI

“Having you as our guidance coordinator and instructor was a very positive experience. I believe you offer the opportunity and environment for self discovery, self enlightenment, and expanded awareness and enhancement. In retrospect I realize how much I got from each exercise and I know feel more balanced and internally content.” L.C., NC

“Susan lets you learn on your own, but she is there for you when you need her. She teaches through love not fear. She guides you to make personal choices that nurture and heal your spirit. It is rare to meet someone as spiritually centered and emotionally grounded as Susan; I recommend to anyone who wishes for peace and happiness to join any of Susan’s programs. You will have to work, but she makes the process enjoyable and fun.” NJ


A Week of Spiritual Renewal
Sedona 2014

This is a video made by Vaidas .. it shows the magic and wonder of the retreat … it is visually stunning so enjoy!







Susan has been leading spiritual retreats for well over 25 years. The magic she creates is awesome and life changing. Spiritual retreats are time-honored in history, they are a journey of heart, intuitive mind, dedicated body, and the individual’s strong intention to release anything that limits them. A retreat is a time for personal growth. Spiritual retreats are a time for healing, wellness, and returning refreshed to your daily life. Master teacher Susan Gregg shares with you and the group the oceanic depth of experience in the retreat process plus a very likable way of being and attentiveness to each participant. Hawaii and other delightful locales.

Spiritual retreats have been held historically as the most vital means of quickening a student’s serious search and attainments. It is a journey of heart, intuitive mind, dedicated body, and holistic will power towards a goal or several coordinated goals. Revealing spiritual retreats for healing, wellness, other purposes every year with accomplished wisdom teacher Susan Gregg. Susan shares with you and the group she works with a contemplative depth of knowledge using the retreat process. In Hawaii. And other lovely locales.

A spiritual or healing retreat gathering of individuals under a knowledgeable teacher/guide is quite often a life-changing experience that affects participants on all levels. These include healing, wellness, changes of attitude or perception. It can also lead to self-realizing attainments of universal consciousness. A retreat is that potent. Spiritual retreat as a process is among the oldest practices in the history of sacred or philosophical inquiry. It is recognized and lauded as the most powerful. Many people attend a retreat every year as part of their yearly practice. The best spiritual or healing retreats are ones that integrate the whole person. This means that the teacher, practices, environmental place, chosen topics, schedule, meditations, aloneness and group dynamics, diet, relaxation activities all contribute to the individual in meaningful ways. The best quality spiritual retreats for wellness, healing and other intentions—whether they be for a weekend or longer—should provide the woman or man extraordinary opportunities for personal teaching instruction. This joined along with the dynamic of a group of like-minded individuals is, naturally, very transforming. Susan Gregg is a master teacher who understands the integrative nature of the life journey and how such synergy is brought into the retreat. She works closely with each participant, taking every opportunity to lovingly guide the individual towards their goals. In Hawaii. Hawaiian islands. Big Island. Other locales as well.