Both the ancient Hawaiians and the Toltec saw physical reality as a vast energy system. The Hawaiians spoke in terms of living the spirit of aloha. How I experience that is being in alignment with my spirit and sharing my love. I found it interesting when my Aunty (Hawaiian teacher) told me there were no words for anger and the associated judgment in the ancient Hawaiian language. When living the spirit of aloha the only type of energy you can put out is aloha or love.

In the Toltec tradition we are seen as magician constantly manipulating energy either consciously or unconsciously. Mentally I imagine it as sending out ripples or emanations of energy. We are all responsible for the ripples we produce in our life and those ripples have impact. Responsibility is simply our ability to respond. If we are all caught up in our filter system the best we can do is respond based on our archaic judgments and fears.

If we want to experience personal freedom it is our responsibility to clear out our filter system. We can use our awareness to realize our reactions are based on our filter system and then we can use our intent to begin to transform the way we see life. We are either reacting to life or consciously choosing how we are going to act.

I find it helps if I begin to observe without judgment what I am sending out. I imagine all the energy pings circling the globe. I can react to the pings I perceive or I can begin to consciously choose to send out ripples of love. What kind of ripples are you sending out with your thoughts? Are you sending out judgment, fear, or love? For a moment imagine yourself sending out a ripple of aloha and the next person catching that wave and sending out aloha and the next person doing the same until the energy of aloha circles the globe and comes back to you.

One of the tools of the Toltec tradition is recapitulation. (For a complete explanation of recapitulation go to You consciously use your breath to release energy and pull in energy. One way you can use your breath is to imagine breathing in love and acceptance and then breathing out love and acceptance. If there is someone or something you have a judgment about breathing it in this way is very freeing. You are responsible and you can change your ability to respond.

As always be gentle and loving with yourself,

I also have a new episode of my podcast posted. I am greatful to be able to share some of the wisdom and love so freely shared with me.