We create the future thought by thought, choice by choice and action by action. There is no destiny, the future is as fluid as time itself. We are the creator of our reality.

2014 has been an amazing time for me. I changed the way I thought, felt and acted thanks to a new friend bohilia. There was no major earthquakes just a powerful but subtle shift in consciousness that allowed so much more love, happiness and abundance into my life.

I shared the training with my apprentice group and watched their lives change as well. Now I am offering it to you.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt if you give yourself the gift of this one month training 2015 will be AWESOME.



If you have any questions or comments let me know. I hope you give yourself the gift of this training. I know your life will change in amazing ways.

Happy holidays. Give this gift to yourself and all your friends. You’ll be glad you did.

With love and aloha,